Last week in Lindsay

Last week the Toronto Poetry Project sent Rahul and I to perform and conduct a Q & A at Lindsay Collegiate. Following a performance set for more than a hundred students, we were asked many great questions. One I still remember clearly is, “Does poetry help you process your experience?”

The answer is definitively, yes.

I’ve heard Eddie da Original One and Shane Koyzcan both talk about poetry as cheap therapy. I don’t think it’s a substitute; I do think that poetry can serve as an invaluable means for expression, for a kind of expression that isn’t otherwise possible and that can have therapeutic results.

I’m grateful I have access to the tools of writing and performing, they help me through experiences I don’t know how I’d handle otherwise. And I’m so grateful for the privilege of teaching young people how to use these same tools to express themselves.

Thanks for the question, Lindsay Collegiate!


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