A tribute to Eastern Commerce

I’ve never seen so many students in hard times in one place. What I witnessed at Eastern Commerce demands my respect. In the face of a shared reality of violence and drugs, students at Eastern Commerce are resilient with courage and a warmth that’s just below the surface. I was glad for the shared meaning we created in honest moments of being together. I hope that my drop in the bucket of resourcefulness – the kind that comes from writing and sharing – will stay with a student or two.

One grade 11 student, Wilson, offered me a parting gift – his poem titled How Difficult it is to Say Good-Bye. It opens with this image: “As I see your now wooden body being swallowed by the earthy floor, I picture myself standing with nobody.” You can read the full poem here.

Another grade 11 student’s lines were resonant with me. Majeed offered that I could share them: “There always has been, there always will be, a reason why we’re here.”



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