Waterloo English Awards impress

I was at Renison College of the University of Waterloo on April 24 for the Waterloo County English Awards and I was impressed on many accounts.

When I was in high school I develed into math and science – I had no idea that such English circles existed. It was great to see such talented, creative and writing oriented young people get together.

I was glad that spoken word was included – amongst categories of writing like short story, fiction, script writing, poetry… In some circles spoken word is still garnering widespread recognition and respect as an art.

In the spoken word workshops I offered, I was inspired by the writing that was created and shared. One young person in particular stood out – Michaela Steven. She’s a grade 12 student with a self confessed midnight youtube spoken word addiction.

She wrote: “I want to be the fire that burns down the forest, the bat swinging from a proud criminal’s hands, the hurricane that sweeps over a coastline.  I want to answer the call in my head that says break something for once and fill the ache in my empty belly and tired feet from resisting the apple and walking on eggshells. I want to dance in a minefield, waltz with only myself, letting my hair stand on end and my lungs hold the air inside of them too tightly.”

Impressive, right!!?!

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