Bronze medalists!

the angry team piece

Britta B, Cathy Petch, David Delisca and I perform about what pisses us off.                                Photo credit: Thom Heard.

Reporting on the  Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (CFSW) 2012 held in Saskatoon, SK:

My team placed third in the Canadian national poetry slam this year. We took the stage with four group pieces and some striking solo work over four nights of competition.

Our semi-finals bout was perhaps the most memorable. In a packed venue seating 400 people, we shouted angrily, sincerely and convincingly about what boils our blood. I shouted so fiercely it shook me. I meant what I said, what pisses me off is “angry poems with no sense of hope or resolution!” We placed first that night after a set of fiery performances.

On finals night, in a packed theatre of 600, I performed a solo piece called Origins and tried to reach the back of the room with the tender storytelling I was doing. My coach said it was the finest performance of that piece that she’d seen. My team and I premiered a piece written by Britta B about the life of Tina Turner. Our rehearsals of this piece brought our voices into harmony in a way that this stage couldn’t carry but the haunting intimacy of Tina’s confessions in this poem were stunning. We were proud.

Our team performed pieces that invited people to laugh and see a new perspective. I’m glad for what we were able to bring to the Festival as a team. We had the best coach in the country; thanks Alessandra Naccarato! I’m proud that we brought home the bronze!

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