Tomboy tour

Performing tomboy

Okay, so this is not yet a great, big, dreaming-out-loud national or international tour but I have had a chance to perform one of my favorite poems, tomboy, in quite a few locations over the last couple of weeks. They include:

  • At Weston CI’s positive space training
  • At Valley Park PS’s unpacking gender stereotypes workshops
  • At the TDSB’s Gender-Based Violence Prevention Office
  • At Pedestrian Sunday’s Poetry on the Streets stage, on that sunny Sunday afternoon with bubbles blowing by, as part of a feature set with Cathy Petch – thanks to TPS and
  • Over the announcements for Parkdale CI’s celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT)

This variety and traction of these events make me wonder what it would be like to do a real tour…

…take your own online tour of this poem if you haven’t seen/heard it yet:





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