Celebration of Diversity and Unity Against Bullying

Being in a school on ‪#‎DayofPink‬ is always stimulating. For me, it’s a year round conversation. We need to stay united against homophobic, transphobic and all kinds of bullying.

I loved seeing the sea of pink clothes today at St. Mildred’s. Sharing poems and talking about gender, sexuality, identity reflected through poetry was a delight.

I wrote two ‪#‎haiku‬ to honour this day, inspired by students writing. What do you think? Both reflect the still timely and heart wrenching need for change.

1. on the day of pink / do no gay kids get beat up? / do all trans kids live?

2. insecurity / breeds this violence and hatred / not freedom to be

Help spark long term change through these moments of broader attention to these important issues. Continue to lend your voice, ears, attention, and support to countering homophobia and transphobia. Shout out to Dave Silverberg for holding space in class today.

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