What students say

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Student feedback:

“I think the most valuable part of the entire process was the sheer honesty and vulnerability displayed by everyone. People were able to be completely open and honest without fear or judgment from others.”    – Wendel W.

“I learned that you can write poetry about anything.  It doesn’t matter what its about as long as if you can tell an audience about it, and make connections then your poem can be great.” – Sinead H.

“When we started I was convinced that I had nothing of interest to say and that I wasn’t good at writing and expressing my feelings. By the end that totally changed and I was really happy that I took a risk and and shared a private part of me to everyone in the class. Because of spoken word and your great teaching, I had the courage to do this and that’s something I’ll remember and carry with me the rest of my life.”    – Aynsley R.

“I learned that poems should not only be read from paper but told to the audience as if we were telling a story. I like how you taught me about how to use my voice when I recite the poem and what kind of expressions my face should have during my performance. From you I also learned how to get rid of the bad habit I had of walking around to try and hide the fact that I was nervous.”    -Dusica T.

“Awesome meeting you, Tanya and thank you so much for everything this week! Spoken word will definitely remain a part of my life and I hope to see you in the future!”    – Lindsay C.

“After your workshop, It was clear I was hooked on spoken word… It was the first time I was expressing the voice and words that had always been inside of me but never made their way out. I tend to hold back when it comes to expressing myself and my thoughts but for that moment I didn’t. This was an incredible moment of growth for me. Thank you for creating that safe space that week where that voice made itself heard. There are still many words that have not made there way out yet but I feel spoken word and poetry will be the outlet and place where they will be heard. So thank you for introducing me to this incredible tool.” – Bree G.

Feedback from some of the 700+ students I worked with in the 2010-2011 school year:

I’m glad I know how to write poetry, I didn’t think I could before you came! I’m glad you’re so energetic and relatable.

This was the best week of English class EVER!

The music and moving around is a nice touch. Your poems are very good and surprising.

Interaction with everyone was good. Helped us get creative, more involved with the whole class and ourselves.

This workshop series has allowed me to reveal a different side of me that I rarely get to.

The workshop series made me feel confident and that I can write poems… I would love to do this again.

I liked everything. Really took me out of my comfort zone. Great feedback, it really helped.

I don’t usually express my true feelings often, and I enjoyed it.

I liked how you got us up and moving around.

This workshop allowed me to express myself and made me present something I was proud of.

It meant a lot to be able to express how I feel.

It has meant a lot because I now respect poetry much more than before.

It means a lot to me because I learned another way to express my emotions. This has been such a memorable experience.

I think I’m going to write more often thanks to you!