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“Tanya was excellent with the students – professional, inspiring, vulnerable, empowering… We loved every minute of it!” – Tara Duffy, Silverthorn CI, TDSB

“I had never been exposed to slam poetry. I will include slam poetry in all my poetry units. The students really relate to it!” – Noelle Therrien, Silverthorn CI, TDSB

“Tanya is so vibrant and has a great rapport with students… Tanya’s poetry workshop series serves as a fabulous introduction to my poetry units in ENG4U and EWC4U. Having a performance poet brings a new element/aspect to ‘page poetry’.” – Kim Fahner, Marymount Academy, SCDSB

“Tanya immediately connected with the students. They felt comfortable with Tanya and they were able to freely express themselves.” – Marsha Kazman, North Toronto CI, TDSB

“Tanya got to know the students names and stories through her check in process and used the information she gathered to shape her lesson.” – Karen Wolfe, North Toronto CI, TDSB

“Tanya was very proactive by familiarizing herself with the text our class is engaged in. She targeted key concepts and integrated them into her work… She has a gift of reeling students in.” – Georgia Striftobolas, Eastern Commerce CI, TDSB

“Tanya fit with my drama program. She was patient, flexible and powerful.” – Nolan, Eastern Commerce CI, TDSB

“Students developed empathy and creativity as well as listening and speaking skills.” – M.C., Eastern Commerce CI, TDSB

“Tanya was able to read the students and understand when they needed more time, prompting, examples, etc. [The project was] accessible for all students, encouraged group skills, presentation skills and used modelling techniques effectively. We’d like Tanya to work here!” – Kelly Anne Lavallee, St. Benedict CSS, SCDSB

“Tanya’s calm and positive attitude along with the performance of her various pieces were a great addition to the classroom and the students’ learning experiences. Because Tanya was bold and honest, the students responded quite positively by adding their own voices… This was a professional development experience for me because of the various creative but still structured ways Tanya was able to get my students writing” – Lesa Smith, Oakwood CI, TDSB

“I had one of my female grade 9 students come up to me the next day and tell me that your poem about Hummus inspired her. She said if you could tell a bunch of strangers something personal, then she could open up more during our Monday morning question of the day. Your presentation really helped engage my students in wanting to write during our poetry unit.” – Lindsay Curran, LCVI

Tanya, “Through your workshops you have revealed your talent, beautiful spirit, and have been a wonderful inspiration to both staff and students.” – Libby Marinelli, St. Benedict’s CSS, SCDSB