How Difficult it is to Say Good-Bye

by Wilson, Grade 11, Eastern Commerce Collegiate Institute, Toronto, ON

As I see your now wooden body

being swallowed by the earthy floor

I picture myself standing with nobody.

Yet, everyday, I feel you, watching me from every opened door.

As you were slowly being lowered down

I wanted to lunge myself inside with you.

And let the earth, my cries down.

But every time I lunged for you

It seemed like time would stop

I would never be able to reach you

That is when I understood,

I had to let you go

An eternity has gone by,

And I still remember that fateful day

As if it was only yesterday.

So with a sob and with a tear,

I have written these simple words,

I have had so much trouble to say:

This is my good-bye.