newspaper photoStudents reflect on their lives and articulate what they are passionate about. Bring the experience of live performance to your classroom, linked with the teaching of writing and performance skills.


Workshops can be linked to themes like tolerance, diversity, gender roles, positive communication, the creative process, or another of your choice to focus our process.


Workshops build:

  • writing and communication skills
  • performance skills, using of gesture, tone and pacing
  • self-confidence and tools for self-expression

Links are made to the poetry unit of an English class and the voice unit of a Drama class.


An example of the workshop process for a school workshop series:
  1. Writing exercises: students draft and then edit and rework written material to be used for a spoken word piece.
  2. Performance practice: students work with tone, pacing, gesture and stance to strengthen the delivery of their spoken word piece.
  3. Showcase: the student’s work is showcased between classes or to a wider audience at the school or within the community.

I have experience with participatory facilitation practices – this background informs my classroom delivery and how I manage a classroom. I’m attentive both to the group process and individual needs of participants.

My experience in curriculum design helps me thoughtfully preparing every workshop to meet the needs of the students, learners, and educators I work with.


I lead an activity that allows students to practice their poems according to a number of prompts on a deck of cards. You can use these instructions for your students.

Teacher Feedback

Student Feedback

School Experience


Workshops are created to suit your school or community group’s needs and budget. Contact Tanya to discuss what would work best for your group and for a detailed quote.

The cost of a one hour to one day workshop can range from a subsidized rate of $400 to a fee of $700. The cost for a 25 hour (5 day) workshop series is $1300. Contact me to discuss what works best for your school or organization.

For the 2018-2019 school year, limited funding is available through the League of Canadian Poets Poets in the Schools Program (1-2 days) in Ontario. Contact me to inquire about accessing funding opportunities, tneumeyer AT




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